ECO Frendly Dental Office

We care about our environment and our clients’ health as well as the health of our team members. That’s why we use eco friendly products as much as possible.

We proudly utilize Digital X-Ray Technology which not only delivers less than 10% radiation of conventional (film) X-rays, but also minimizes ecological footprint since there are no chemicals used for developing the films.

We use steam sterilization along with ozone to sterilize our instruments. We use less paper products and more cloth barriers when possible.

We recycle as much of our waste products as possible.

We’ve used eco friendly cabinetry in our entire office.

Our patient charting is completely paperless. We use electronic communication as much as possible.

We utilize ozone air cleaners in the entire office to help insure that the interior air that we all breath is clean and healthy.

We utilize energy efficient dental equipment, appliances and computers.

We do not place amalgam (mercury-silver) fillings and properly dispose of the ones that we take out.

We belong to the Eco-Dentistry Association and follow the Green DOC checklist in creating an eco-friendly office.

We also belong to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. We adhere to their guidelines in safe removal and disposal of mercury based filling materials.