Family Dentistry

We know that the bacteria that we have in our mouths can be passed from one member of the family to other members. We want to allow the entire family to be healthy. We want to work with you in ways so that your oral health and the oral health of your family is as great as it can be.

There are a lot of health issues that can show up in the mouth before they manifest with body symptoms. In childhood, the width of the top jaw is directly related to the width of the airway. If a child’s top jaw is too narrow, they will have problems such as ear infections, snoring, asthma, teeth grinding and bed wetting. Simple retainer therapy can easily correct these issues by expanding the jaws.

Infant nursing can also be an issue if the child’s tongue is constricted or trapped in their mouth. A simple snipping of the muscle that holds the tongue can allow the infant to latch and nurse better with comfort for the mother.

Stabilizing cavities in the child’s mouth with ozone can be a much more pleasant experience than general anesthesia and lots of drilling. Ozone can also help to desensitize teeth. So with it’s use and air abrasion, which is like a mini sand blaster, we can fix children’s teeth without using novocaine.

In adults, we have a computer program that looks at an individual’s bite and we can add to the teeth to create a more harmonious and balanced bite. Lost teeth can easily be replaced with a number of options.