Pain in one or more of your teeth is the primary symptom of a toothache. This pain can be sharp, throbbing, constant, or a dull ache. You may also experience swollen gums, a bad taste in your mouth, or a fever. Though toothaches are a common dental occurrence, they can be caused by a variety of health concerns in your teeth and gums.

Some common causes of toothaches are:

  • Cavities: When tooth decay goes untreated, it can reach the nerves of the tooth, leaving them vulnerable to bacteria, hot and cold temperatures, and food particles.
  • Infection in the root of the tooth: If tooth decay or injury reaches the root of the tooth, an infection can occur that will cause discomfort to the nerves of the tooth.
  • Chipped or broken teeth: When a tooth becomes damaged, the nerves of the teeth can become irritated by bacteria, hot and cold temperatures, and grinding pressure from chewing motions.
  • Damaged dental work: If you have a filling, crown, or bridge that has become damaged, it can cause pain, infection, and tooth decay to the natural tooth. If a piece of the old restoration has broken off, a sharp edge may be digging into the tooth or a neighboring tooth.
  • Bruxism: Many patients develop a tendency to grind and clench their teeth when stressed or while they sleep. The constant pressure and friction can wear down teeth and even cause them to break.
  • Gum disease: : When disease occurs in the gums, they may begin to recede, exposing the roots of the teeth to any outside elements, such as bacteria and infection.

Your toothache may be triggered by cold food and drinks, sugary food, biting and chewing, or pressure on the tooth. Our dentist and team offer a wide variety of treatments to treat toothaches in Greenbrae, California, including dental cleanings, dental fillings, crowns, bridges, or implants. We encourage you to visit SmileMarin for an oral evaluation with Dr. Eric Zaremski to determine the cause of your dental pain and the best possible treatment.

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